donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Great Surinam restaurant: Garden of Eden

So when I was in Surinam my aunt took me to Garden of Eden, a Thai restaurant. From the moment I walked in the garden I thought I was in Thailand, the decor was just amazing, with genuine Thai furniture and decorations.

We were seated in the garden by a very friendly and very handsome young man, and when we asked for a seat on the front side of the restaurant, that was no problem at all. And the food...... even more Thai than I have ever tasted. And that is a compliment. My aunt recommended the Mango salad as a starter, and ofcourse I tried that. The plate turned out to be more than enough for 3-4 people so we could all have a taste. And it was heavenly. The sweet and fresh taste of mango combined with peanuts and other wonderful flavours.

For the main course we ordered different dishes, all equally tastefull. After dinner I went to explore the toilets upstairs, and to my surprise the top floor (where the toilets were located) offered a taste of Thai home life. I was welcomed in a beautiful room decorated as a living room with authentic Thai furniture. I just had to sit done for a minute and take in the environment.

This restaurant gets a thumbs up from me. The only downside I can think of when talking about Garden of Eden, is that it is in Surinam and I am not anymore.......

Garden of Eden: Virolastraat 61, Paramaribo, Surinam. Tel: (597)499448

donderdag 12 augustus 2010

What I was wearing in Surinam.

Trousers from Massimo Dutti and Zara top.
Skirt from Mexx and top from We.Dress I bought in NYC, ready to go out to a party.

Ofcourse I wore more than these three outfits, but unfortunately I did not take a picture of my outfit everyday. All I can tell you it was hot, so all summer outfits, easy breezy summer dresses and lots of shorts and tops.

It's great to be back!

Surinam rain and traffic.Palm Garden in Paramaribo
Banana trees
The view from my room
When it becomes dark dozens of frogs appear.
Fishing in the rain.
Diya fishing for the first time, and turning out to be quite good at it.Catch of the day.
Fresh fruit from the garden.
My aunt's house.The view when you walk in.Nicely decorated, it was an absolute treat to stay here.

It has been a while, and after 5 weeks it's good to be back. Surinam is a wonderful, and very beautiful country to visit. The nature is overwhelming, seeing so much green trees, fresh fruits and vegetables was something I could easily get used to. And it reminded me that we live very grey and unhealthy lives in Europe. All in a fast pace, stressing ourselves out over work, and other obligations. The people in Surinam are warm and the food is great. In the last week of my vacation I stayed at my aunt's house, another aunt. She has a beautiful home, and I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday there. Here are some pictures to give you an impression of my visit to Surinam.