woensdag 21 juli 2010

A cup of Jo makes me happy

I just wanted to share this wonderful blog with you guys: A cup of Jo. The author's name is Joanna Goddard, and she is a magazine writer for Glamour in NYC. Everytime I open the blog and read her postings I get this happy feeling. This blog truely makes me happy. And don't you just love her newborn baby son.

donderdag 15 juli 2010

Relaxing and doing absolutely nothing

My vacation in Surinam so far has been a complete succes, since I am relaxing and doing nothing at all. Well except for eating lots of icecream, playing games with Diya, enjoying the beautiful Surinam countryside and reading some great books. You can really not do anything more since it has been 38 degrees celcius here everyday.

Yesterday I ate the best chicken burger I have ever eaten in my live, at this fastfood restaurant called Shaggy. The bruger has been grilled perfectly and comes with cucumber, pickles, and lettuce all served on a fresh bun. You can order a chickenburger and then Shag it up with fries and a drink. Total cost 11 SRD which is about 2,75 euros for the whole menu. Hilarious and very tasty. Diya loves it and so do I.

Unfortunately I will not be able to post a lot of pics since uploading them takes a couple of hours. But I promise to post them when I am back in Holland.

dinsdag 6 juli 2010

Surinam: hot and rainy and loving it!

After a long flight we finally arrived in Surinam, the country I was born. I love the way this country smells. The heat is overwhelming, and it has been raining a lot. And when I say a lot I do mean a lot. Roads have been flooded, and I admire people who can actually drive here with all this water coming down. I really do not mind the rain, I love it actually. Oh and the food is all yummie. Here are a view first impressions.My mum and Diya playing with a parrot. The parrot was actually whistling at my mum, like a construction worker.Yummie: my favourite ice-cream in the world: Fernandez Fudge.
My aunt's house in Surinam, where we are staying. All airconditioned, I could not do without. (GOD I sound so spoilt)The view from the terrace, Surinam is green. Lots and lots of rainforest.Diya helping out to feed the chickens, one of the turkeys had to be killed because she was sick. Diya did not enjoy that sight. (as you can imagine!)

zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Orange fever!

I wasn't planning to write anything about the World Championship Soccer in South Africa, which is going on right now. I thought if I'd just ignore it it would go away. But since the Dutch (Orange) Soccer Team is going to the half finals, I have to break the silence.

I am no soccer fan, never have been, and never will be. I even think that it is because I haven't watch any game, that the Orange team has won every game they played. Yep that must be it. So I should definitely keep it up.

What I do enjoy however is how this national sport brings together the Dutch, in cafe's, on the street, even in the supermarket, everybody is talking about the game. The streets have undergone an orange transformation, well not just the streets, the people, pets, cars, busses, trams and trains are all painted orange. I hope we will make it to the finals, and I'll do my best not to watch.

What I was wearing this week.

I am the last one to ever complain about warm weather, but this week has been ridiculously over the top. It was hot hot hot!!!! Even now as I am typing this blog sweat is dripping down my back, and it feels like I am melting.

Packing a suitcase in this weather feels like a cruel punishment, but I try to think of the 4 weeks vacation that we have plannend ahead instead. Tomorrow we are leaving to Surinam. I bought Diya a camera as a present, since she did so well in school this year. So be ready to see some cool pics from her of the Surinam sights.

I leave you with what I was wearing this week: looking forward to your comments!
Summer dress from the Haagse Mart (new find).
T-shirt from We, Zara shorts and shoes from Sasha.
Tanktop from We, Zara pants (new find) and flip flops. I think I will be wearing this outfit during the trip to Surinam, since it is soo comfortable.
Summer dress form the Haagse Mart (new find).