zaterdag 3 juli 2010

What I was wearing this week.

I am the last one to ever complain about warm weather, but this week has been ridiculously over the top. It was hot hot hot!!!! Even now as I am typing this blog sweat is dripping down my back, and it feels like I am melting.

Packing a suitcase in this weather feels like a cruel punishment, but I try to think of the 4 weeks vacation that we have plannend ahead instead. Tomorrow we are leaving to Surinam. I bought Diya a camera as a present, since she did so well in school this year. So be ready to see some cool pics from her of the Surinam sights.

I leave you with what I was wearing this week: looking forward to your comments!
Summer dress from the Haagse Mart (new find).
T-shirt from We, Zara shorts and shoes from Sasha.
Tanktop from We, Zara pants (new find) and flip flops. I think I will be wearing this outfit during the trip to Surinam, since it is soo comfortable.
Summer dress form the Haagse Mart (new find).

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