dinsdag 6 juli 2010

Surinam: hot and rainy and loving it!

After a long flight we finally arrived in Surinam, the country I was born. I love the way this country smells. The heat is overwhelming, and it has been raining a lot. And when I say a lot I do mean a lot. Roads have been flooded, and I admire people who can actually drive here with all this water coming down. I really do not mind the rain, I love it actually. Oh and the food is all yummie. Here are a view first impressions.My mum and Diya playing with a parrot. The parrot was actually whistling at my mum, like a construction worker.Yummie: my favourite ice-cream in the world: Fernandez Fudge.
My aunt's house in Surinam, where we are staying. All airconditioned, I could not do without. (GOD I sound so spoilt)The view from the terrace, Surinam is green. Lots and lots of rainforest.Diya helping out to feed the chickens, one of the turkeys had to be killed because she was sick. Diya did not enjoy that sight. (as you can imagine!)

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  1. never mind the vogue or the villa....
    I like it raw best, at the kwipiweg :)