donderdag 15 juli 2010

Relaxing and doing absolutely nothing

My vacation in Surinam so far has been a complete succes, since I am relaxing and doing nothing at all. Well except for eating lots of icecream, playing games with Diya, enjoying the beautiful Surinam countryside and reading some great books. You can really not do anything more since it has been 38 degrees celcius here everyday.

Yesterday I ate the best chicken burger I have ever eaten in my live, at this fastfood restaurant called Shaggy. The bruger has been grilled perfectly and comes with cucumber, pickles, and lettuce all served on a fresh bun. You can order a chickenburger and then Shag it up with fries and a drink. Total cost 11 SRD which is about 2,75 euros for the whole menu. Hilarious and very tasty. Diya loves it and so do I.

Unfortunately I will not be able to post a lot of pics since uploading them takes a couple of hours. But I promise to post them when I am back in Holland.

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