zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Orange fever!

I wasn't planning to write anything about the World Championship Soccer in South Africa, which is going on right now. I thought if I'd just ignore it it would go away. But since the Dutch (Orange) Soccer Team is going to the half finals, I have to break the silence.

I am no soccer fan, never have been, and never will be. I even think that it is because I haven't watch any game, that the Orange team has won every game they played. Yep that must be it. So I should definitely keep it up.

What I do enjoy however is how this national sport brings together the Dutch, in cafe's, on the street, even in the supermarket, everybody is talking about the game. The streets have undergone an orange transformation, well not just the streets, the people, pets, cars, busses, trams and trains are all painted orange. I hope we will make it to the finals, and I'll do my best not to watch.

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