zondag 26 september 2010

Glamour's Big High Heel Study!

A few months ago I went to see Glamour magazine, as a participant to a study they were conducting on women and style. Little did I know they were researching if women wearing high heeled shoes feel more confident and sexy than women wearing flats. When I came into the studio I received flats, since I am only 1m59 I was clearly not amused. When I got into the flat shoes, I had to fold up my jeans, because they were clearly too long.

I was asked many questions, and I have to say, people that know me, know that I am a confident person. And wearing flat shoes did not change that. But according to the study results women wearing high heels are more confident and feel more sexy. (I thought we already knew that) But anyway I had a great time at Glamour magazine and I met some great wonderful and beautiful people.

You can check out the results in the October issue of Glamour Magazine and read more about my participation in one of my previous postings.

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