zaterdag 5 juni 2010

Great food: Dauphine

Cafe-Restaurant Dauphine, (+31) 020 462 16 46,

Yesterday I had dinner at this wonderful restaurant called Dauphine in Amsterdam. The food was excellent and the service was great (which is quite unexpected in the Netherlands). I had the lobster (very attractively priced at 20 euro's), my friend Milena had the Lamsrack. Though Milena warned me about the battle I was about to face with my lobster, my appetite for lobster was even greater. So when our plates arrived I was ready and waiting with my about-to-crack-you-open-lobster tools.

The plates looked superb, the garlic Lobster was served with freshly cooked sandless spinach, and what seemed like a mix of mashed chickpeas baked with a little crunchy skin (yummie). All of this came with some melted butter on the side (even more yummie). It all tasted even better than it looked, though most of it ended on my neighbours plate, in my lap, my hair and even on my knees (didn't notice that one until I was in my car). That is what you get when you ignore Milena's warning.

For dessert we both ordered the Chocolatetruffelterrine with a raspberry sauce, it was over-the-top-delicious-had-to-open-up-my-belt so good!

Other delish orders on the menu were the hamburger with fries (I don't eat beef, but the looks of this one almost won me over) and the plateau de Fruits de Mer (seafood display). I recommend you try this restaurant yourself next time your in our capital city.

And this is what I was wearing (pictures were taken before the lobster attacked me):
Zara Jacket
Dress by Mango, shoes from Sasha

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