donderdag 3 juni 2010

Let's Kiss! (Keep It Simple Sugar)

H&M top, Bershka pants and H&M shoes.Zara blazer, Vero Moda white tee, legging from Pieces and short grey boots which I got in Spain.

When I dress in the morning I go for effortless chic (and ofcourse it takes a lot of effort to look so effortless, as we all know). I love putting together off-the-rack pieces from H&M, Zara and Mango, and combining it with other items or accessories creating new and fresh looks. Looks that are distinct and different. To me this is personal style. I think most women go for safe and familiar looks. When we find something that looks good on us we tend to stick with it. There's nothing wrong with that ofcourse. But let me share a secret with you. Stepping out of your comfort zone, will bring you much JOY!

How? you ask, well let me tell you: You probably have some great pieces in your closet, now take your favourite shirt, and (hear me out now) instead of getting the jeans that you usually wear it with, try those great baggy pants that you have, or that skirt that you bought ages ago, which fits so nicely at the waist. Spice it all up with a belt (try a big or a small one and see which one looks better). Wear a nice jacket, or cardigan with it. And instead of wearing does flats (because there so damn comfortable), get your high heels out (even when you are just picking up your kids from school). You never know who might notice you. The result is a fresh new look, that will make some heads turn your way.

Just try combining the things you would never have thought of combining, and save yourself the money you would spend on a personal stylist. You can do it yourself!

But remember Keep It Simple Sugar! Don´t overhang yourself with necklaces, bangles and other pieces of juwelery, thinking it will make you look fashionable. Oh no, no, noooo: it will only make you look like a rundown Christmas tree. The key is to choose some great accessories like a good bag, belt, nailpolish and shoes. These can be colourful. But keep the juwelry to a minimum.

For example. For the past month I haven´t worn any earings, I mean I love them and I own a lot of them (really a LOT). But it just felt like too much. The only jewelry I wear nowadays is my watch and my ring. Both of which were presents from my parents, well actually the watch is still my mums. But I love it so much, she let´s me wear it everyday.

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  1. Hi you!

    Good advice and love the outfits, all of them. Although I think the Bershka pants are super!