maandag 31 mei 2010

What I was wearing this week.

After a couple of great spring summery days the weather has failed us once again (no surprises so far). Wardrobe wise this meant I had to face some challenges, and as you know I am always up for challenges. So here's the result.
Zara vest, WE basic white tanktop, boyfriend jeans from Bershka and my Sasha heels.
I always get asked how I put my hair up like this, and it is so easy. Just make a very high pony tail, and take little strings of hair from the tail and pin them down. And you're done. Great for those bad hair days. Warehouse high waisted jeans, basic tee from Only and my black leather jacket from Juno.
Same leather jacket, Zara legging, Only dress and shoes from the New Yorker.Getting ready for a bike ride with my daughter.

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