donderdag 27 mei 2010

Glamour NL rocks! and serves great tea

Me at work for GlamourKiller heels on Lisette's feetElisah, online editor at Glamour, check out her blog and ofcourse her work for

Yesterday evening I was invited over by Glamour Magazine NL. Together with some other very fashionable ladies we met the Glamour team at the NL-Studios in Amsterdam.

The setting was great, the drinks were fabulous, the food was even better (candy and sweets, and delicious sandwiches) and I met some great people. Glamour knows how to entertain properly. (thanks you guys for a wonderfull evening)

P.s. I noticed that the entire Glamour team looked fabulous, everyone was very friendly and beautiful. Is it the Glamour gene? Are you born with it or do you get it when you start working for Glamour?

You can read all about what we did last night in the October issue of Glamour NL.

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