dinsdag 4 mei 2010

From the stores to my closet

See the dress on www.mango.com

No I do not pretend to be as fabulous looking as those pretty twenty something year old girls that spend their days blogging about their fabulous personal style. And no I am not being cynical right now, they really are gorgeous and I love them for having some sense of style, and sharing it with the rest of us wannabee stylish people. The only thing I am wondering about is where are all the stylish women of my age, my age being 30+? Or is it just not done to showcase your personal style on the web after you have reached the big 30? And am I entering the danger zone, by doing it anyway? Well it is a risk I am willing to take. Because though I love to see 15 year old models strutting up and down the catwalks (no really I don't), and I get inspired by those 18 to 25 year old girls showing their (street)style online, we thirty something women don't want to copy that. Won't and can't.

I think women look their best after 30. Because at that age they know who they are and what they want out of live. They have come to terms with themselves, they know their strenghts and weaknesses. They have fully accepted themselves and are confident. Well at least most of us are.

I'd like to see these 30+ women showcasing their wonderfull style. Style they have developed throughout the years. Women who are mothers, wifes, emloyees, and still manage to look their best. As you already know I am a big fan of the Sartorialist, not just because he takes great photographs, but because he captures stylish people of all ages in front of his lense. People that are not all fashion editors or have jobs in the fashion industry. His best pictures are those of men and women of a certain adult age. And unfortunately I have not made it to the Sartoria-list. I have no illusions on ever making the list, don't get me wrong.

But still I would like to show you my style, why? Not because I think I am so fabulous, on the contrary. But because I'd like to show you how I, a 30 something working single mum with little time on her hands, tries to look stylish. Let me remind you that I am not comparing myself to those stylish youngsters on the web. I could never compete. It'll be me giving you a look at what I do with all those fabulous clothes available in stores, and how I combine different affordable pieces form stores like Zara, H&M and Mango (my favourites) to try to dress stylish at my age (which is 33 to be exact). Do I succeed? Well you be the judge of that.

Maybe someone somewhere will feel a little bit inspired too.

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  1. Hello Ms. thirtysomething butterfly (on a stick it was, right?).

    I've read your blog with great pleasure and I'm glad to see that a true fashion lover can be just that. I look forward to reading more from you. And as for being an inspiration...., to me you already are. Thank you for being yourself and for keeping it real!

    SFH (another thirtysomething single woman who enjoys life and fashion)