woensdag 26 mei 2010

More Sex, Less City

The beautiful SJP in Valentino Couture

This is how Style.com describes SATC the movie part deux. Like many many women I am also awaiting the worldwide release of the new SATC movie (and yes I do own the serie's dvd-box, and the first movie). Yesterday a lucky few attended the premiere of the sequel. The world-premiere of the second SATC took place in NYC (where else?), though the movie starts off with the four friends reuniting at Bergdorf’s in NYC the movie takes place in Abu Dhabi for the most part. Camel rides (Samantha: “I think I am having hot flashes.” Carrie: “We are in the desert, if you weren’t having hot flashes you’d be dead.”), luxury hotel settings, harem-inspired fashion, Carrie bumping into Aiden (Will she be cheating on Mr. BIG, who himself has a brief encounter with Penelope Cruz?), Samantha’s new love interest (yummie), just a tip of the sand dune. Just two more days and then we can all join in on the fun. The movie hits theaters worldwide on May 27th.

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