vrijdag 28 mei 2010

Carrie and Big's apartment: design heaven

Not able to wait any longer, I went to see "Sex and the City 2" yesterday afternoon. And it was fabulicious! It exceeded all of my expectations, and went beyond that. Every single scene was an explosion of inspiration: from the clothes to the shoes, the colours and the luxurious over the top settings.

I was not so much impressed with the storyline (in the end there were some scenes that I even found a bit offensive - eventhough I am not a Muslim), but more so I was blown away by the interior design of Carrie and Big's appartment: design heaven! I tell you. I bet you agree with me: have a sneak peek.

Check out the blue tiles in the kitchen.
The incredible combination of different paterns and textiles. (The disc chandellier: Must have!)
Classic floral curtains (love the colour!) and club chairs
The all gold painting is amazing, and I love how the books are set standing on the coffee table. The Candy Flower rug and the Birdie Blossom cushion are actually available at The Rugcompany. See the wallpaper in the hall, every single room has it's own unique wallpaper. The real reason we all came to see the movie: Carrie's walk in closet!Just another evening at home with Mr. Big
(All pictures by Craig Blankenhorn)

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