maandag 24 mei 2010

Can you believe the weather: friend or foe?

Spring is finally really here. The temperature has been rising to a mind-blowing 22 degrees celcius (just allowing myself to be a bit cynical here, after the cold fall weather we've been having, 22 degrees actually does feel like a warm unexpected blanket of love). I was actually a bit confused, wardrobe-wise that is, trying to switch from jeans and trousers to leg-baring skirts and summer dresses. Better be safe than sorry seemed to be this week's motto, not trusting that perfect weather, and wondering when the sun would be dissappearing again. Leaving us in the cold with no coats, umbrella's or hunter boots in sight. So out came my cardigans for those chilly moments after dark, carefully stored in my tote bag.Sunday: 25 degrees and wearing a Mango army inspired dress.
Saturday: 20 degrees, BBQ at my sister's house, vintage Zara shirt and Pieces leggings.
Friday: 22 degrees, vintage Zara skirt, WE basic V-neck shirt, vintage Zara cardigan and open-toe high heels from Sasha.
Thursday: 15 degrees, chilly, Black leather jacket from New York Look (NYC)(which cost me way toooo much, but worth every dollar spent), black and white tee form Zara, skinny black jeans and boots form Manfield.
Wednesday: 16 degrees, wearing my Balmain inspired H&M tee (customised), my Pieces legging and open-toe heels from Sasha.

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