vrijdag 18 juni 2010

Some favourites of mine

It's been a hectic week so far, Diya came down with some kind of virus, so I am taking care of her right now. Good news: Diya's school, the Dr. Willem Drees school, was named the most Healthy School of The Hague this week, and they were awarded 5000 euros for organising so many free sports activities. I am so proud, because I went to this school myself when I was Diya's age. Furthermore I have met some great inspiring people this week and I am very lucky to have so many lovely people around, that I can call my friends. Today I just want to share some beautiful things with you, which I found on the web.

A whole closet full of beautiful dresses: Lily's closet

Habitually chic reporting on the launch of Chloe's new perfume LOVE.

My favourite shoes:

My new everyday favourite, a great find at the local Market:

Great looks this week:
Cameron Diaz at the premiere of Knight and Day in Spain.Naomi Watts covered up sexy at the Tony Awards.
Sexy mum Jennifer Lopez. Her face looks different, as if she had something done. Did she? The look is sexy, just too bad the shoes don't match this dress.
The lovely America Ferrera nothing ugly about her.

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